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She should be warned or it will end in a pool of tears after telling women to do this for men

There are women out there who think doing things for men its a good thing, some women have good hearts and they don't mind doing things for other people not knowing that some things a better off left the way they are, as they tend to hurt them at the end of the day.

Some men have done a lot of bad things to women and this has caused women to hate men to the point that they would rather die than do anything for any men.

A lady on Facebook shared a post of a woman who said something that got women talking and fuming: telling women they should elevate men by doing the following please read below.

What this woman is saying it makes sense but she needs to understand that a lot of women were heartbroken by men who they tried to elevate or build them to become better men, as men think by doing things for your a fool if your trying to be nice.

This kind of things are ok when they are done by married couples, because you know that his your man and you can't let him suffer when you can offer the help, not boyfriends, because the same boyfriend will go and cheat on you using the car you bought with your hard earned money. But a husband will do the same for you, he will pick you up when your done. But a boyfriend will leave you in a pool of tears, as his got nothing to lose.

Women reacted to this post, see comments below and see what women think about this:

I guess it's true when they say one potato can ruin the whole bag, it's hard to trust a men and this comments says it all. Women are good people it's just that they had some bad experience when it comes to men. I guess it's a no and sis your on your own on this one, as women are saying no I guess you should take this advise from your fellow women, and do the right thing which is keep your things for yourself.

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