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Four ways to win the heart of a man

Are you finding it extra difficult than you think it should be to find a great ma,n and go from him just feeling “casual” about dating you to WANTING and NEEDING YOU on both a physical and subjective level?

If so, then I’m going to show you 4 “must-have” things that are desired to win the right man’s heart.

But before we get commenced, I want to clear the air on something significant. There are Real Men… and then there are “Boys.”

This is just how you win his heart.


This is where a lot of women,n fall short; they don’t respect their man enough, but they expect to be respected. Show your man respect; from the way you talk to him and treat him, respect should be all around it. A man feels valued when he’s respected, and when you make a man who loves you feel this way, he’ll be willing to go the extra mile for you

2. Dress to impress.

Dressing poorly usually shows others that you don't think they're worth extra effort, that you don't want to impress them. But of course, you want to impress him so dress to impress! Wear clothes that aren't horribly out of date, fit and flatter your body, and are clean and free of stains or holes.


This one is what melts the hearts of men. No matter how much a man cheats, he never wants to end up with a cheating wife. Let him know you are responsible enough to manage a home and raise his kids with high moral values.

4. Flirt with him forever

When you’re just getting to know a new guy you like and are trying to win over, the first impulse you have is to flirt with him.

You make eye contact, smile at each other, “accidentally” touch his arms while the two of you are talking, and make edgy puns.

Naturally, all of this helps and before you know it, he’s gone crazy for you

Relationships take hard work and require commitment, support, encouragement, and communication to keep them going strong.

Good relationships are supposed to feel easy, not hard. It won’t feel like you have to fight for your relationship to exist every day – it will feel like the opposite. You’ll feel natural with him like you can be your natural self around him. If you feel like you have to change yourself or ‘be someone different to be the person he wants, that’s not a natural relationship. You’ll feel like you’re fighting yourself every day to be with him, and it will be true.


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