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See What A Mother Caught Her 7 Years Old Boy Doing! Opinion

A mother anonymously posted on Facebook, asking for advice, after she caught her 7 years old son doing something traumatic to his 5 years old girl cousin. You can tell from reading the post that she's scared, confused and doesn't know what to do.

She wanted to know from the people on Facebook, what to do or where to go? It's only natural for her to react this way because, I don't think any parent prepares themselves for such ordeals. So I personally wouldn't expect her to know where to start.

If something like this happened to me, I would literally get paralyzed from the shock. Because first of all, what am I going to say to this baby girl's parents? How do I undo this? How do I deal with my son? How will I get them to forgive both me and my son for what my child did? Should I open up a case or go and report this to the social workers?

What does a parent do in a case like this? We never really discuss such things amongst ourselves and it's time that we did. In fact, I think this conversation is long overdue. As parents we should sit down and have a thorough discussion. Not just amongst ourselves but with our kids too.

Well, you can look at some of the comments that were shared, and see if you agree with what people said..

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