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REVEALED | skeem Saam - tables have turned as Lehasa begs on his knees

(opinion)REVEALED | skeem Saam - tables have turned as Lehasa begs on his knees

We have watch a Lehasa and Pretty's relationship that only went for a few days. The relationship that really brought drama is currently showing its ramifications and there is no running from it.

Pretty has discovered that she is pregnant and with Lehasa's baby. Eunice being a good friend tries to offer Pretty support but tables turn when Pretty blames everything on Eunice. Is the friendship over?? Well, now Pretty doesn't have a shoulder to cry on.

Pretty will have to tell Lehasa the truth Sommer or later, sadly Lehasa wants nothing to do with her? But Lehasa has always wanted to have a child, will this change everything between him and Pretty?

There is a possibility that Pretty might not want to keep the baby. She is supposed to be finishing her degree and the family will not be happy. Should Pretty decide to have an abortion, Lehasa will be begging Pretty to keep his child.

Lehasa has always wanted a baby, learning about Pretty's pregnancy might make him vulnerable. Will Pretty try to get back at Lehasa by having an abortion?? It would be good to see Lehasa play the victim for once.

Please leave a comment, tell us what you think Lehasa will do when he finds out about Pretty's pregnancy.

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