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After He Got Married At Age Of 17 To His 15-Year-Old Girlfriend, See How Life Turned Out For Them

After He Got Married At Age Of 17 To His 15-Year-Old Girlfriend, See How Life Turned Out For Them


How do you see that "that person your with " is the one for you. Well you will be glad to find out that two young stars find each others attractive at a very young age where they ended up getting married at a very young age.

Young couple from Nigeria went viral on social media platforms after they surfaced online and told his wonderful story of how they started their family at a very young age.

As indicated by the young fellow distinguished as Emenyeonu Obinna, he needed to get hitched to his sweetheart when he was 17 years of age, around then, the youngster was 15 years of age and they got hitched. 

While recounting his story, he shared another photograph of themselves as of late with their two wonderful girls of which one is as of now grown up and the other a baby..

After their story went viral around social media platforms, many people congratulated him and commended him on his decision to marry the young girl despite the young age. The congratulations was coming with suggestions that he got her pregnant which led to them getting married at that age.

Be that as it may, while others praised him, some didn't think that its decent and said they are excessively youthful for marriage and it might crash at any point in the near future when they at last acknowledge themselves; Well, they are off-base as the couple as still solid, upbeat, grinning and living respectively with their youngsters

The young couple are still together and going strong and strong everyday. You can from the pictures that they are happy. 

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