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Forget about Tarzan, meet a 21-year-old boy, he cannot speak, eats grass, lives like animals (pics)

All of us want to be called a mother or father one day, and we all pray to have children like Hannah did in the bible, and God answer prayers, even though some times He may delay the answer, it does not mean that he has forsaken you.

Meet a 21-year-old boy who cannot speak and eats grass like animals and lives in jungle like them, he has all the features of a monkey, his features are so unique that no other human has.

His name is Zanzimana Ellie and was born after his parents wailed before God asking for a child because they stayed for many years without one. And God answered their prayers by giving them children of their own but it is unfortunate that all perished one after another and only this one is still with them. His mother revealed that they asked God for a child saying that even if he/she will be abnormal.

The mother revealed in a video that the boy likes in the forest and they would look for him everyday to bring him back home and that he is born in 1999, and that they love her even when people mock them about the baby.

Tell us what do you think about this story, would you do the same as this family did to have a child and care for them? Would you make the same prayer?

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