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I Wanted To Wife Her But This Stopped Me (read chats)

So with me being with my soul mate (girlfriend) for a duration of over 5 years and her being the mom of my 3-year-old little one boy. I onetime ultimate month reached to a aspect the place I felt like it used to be time to take matters to the next degree between me and her and recommend her for marriage.

So with her being a tremendous girl for me over the years, I desired to prepare a surprise birthday birthday birthday celebration for her the location I will do the inspiration in the the front of family and friends. But then I realized that organizing some aspect like that will be too an awful lot for me to organize, I wished a 2nd man or lady to help deliver it together before than 17 August (her birthday).

So I determined to ask her friend Lebo to be the one who will assist me make it happen. So one-time I reached for her telephone with the intention of taking the friends numbers in order to contact and ask for her help, however some thing knowledgeable me to check their modern-day chats when I did this is what I got here across.Read the chats below

It is by means of way of this chats the place i commenced out suspecting that she has been the use of Muti on me even even although i do no longer have ample proof of that this chats in fact received me questioning that it is what she has been up.

However i havnt confronted her about it but but the wondering of leaving her has been coming and going. Would leaving her be a extremely excellent component or confronting her and hear her thing of the story until now than taking a preference is what i want to do in this kind of situation?

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