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Shameful || Two Women Caught On A Video Fighting For A Man, See The Video Here

Date : 13 October 2021

It is never anyone's wish to be cheated on and to be made a fool. One of the biggest problems in relationships is the dishonesty and lies that partners have a habit to tell. All people have a wish to find partners who will always be honest and loyal. It's beautiful when your partner only has eyes for you. When you are the most beautiful and important thing in their eyes. Cheating is one of the things that make people to stop believing in love with fear that what happened to them before or others can happen to them also.

Cheating has had devastating effects on the relationships of many people. Many who have been there can tell how painful it is to be cheated on. It's a pity because a sorry can't change what happened. No matter how you say you are sorry and showing remorse for what happened, memories can never be erased from your mind. What's left is only to move on.

There is a video that has been doing rounds on social media. This is the video where two women were brutally fighting over a man. It is alleged that one of the woman lost it when she found out that her man has been cheating on her and decided to confront the lady he has been seeing behind her back. It's unfortunate because confrontation later turned into a fight. These two women whose names were not revealed were seen brutally beating each other and calling each other names.

This is a dissapointment to the society. As a society we need to teach people how to resolve matters in a calm way. We need to educate people more about anger issues because a lot could have gone wrong when they were fighting. Another one could have been badly hurt. What's your take about this?

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