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OPINION: This is called maturity - See how a lady admitted to being the reason for her break up

It takes a great person of great integrity to come out and own up to the failure of something that was meant to be great. It is not every woman who raises her hand in front of the public and shout, "I am the reason why my relationship failed and I made a mistake."

Women tend to have reasons behind doing what they did for a relationship to fail, they always have a cover up story to make themselves look better in a situation. However, that is not the case with Katlego Denga who revealed via social media that she is the reason why her promising relationship was aborted.

Katlego revealed that she lost a good guy. She must have taken things for granted as she says she was being disrespectful towards him because she thought he would never leave her. Katlego says the reason why she thought the guy would never leave her is because he spent a lot of time pursuing her into their relationship.

What the guy did to her taught her a big lesson as she reveals that she is very respectful to her new partner because she now knows that a guy can always leave. She admitted that one can never know what they have until it is gone. The reason why she said that is because Katlego was once caught participating on "Hash tag dating with Tumi Sole" which is a trend used by single people who are looking for partners. Katlego is 31 years old and she is from Pretoria.

People are proud of her for being honest to herself before being honest to the world. They take it as a proof that she did learn a lesson from her previous mistake. says admitting mistakes can be a difficult thing to do which is accompanied by egos according to psychologists. They say failing to own up increases the ego and can feel more satisfying, but at the same time it leads to psychological issues and ruined relationships.

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We all learn from our mistakes. If you do not make mistakes, it means you are not even trying. I am glad that Katlego was very honest about the situation which is a very rare thing to see especially from women. She looks like someone who takes relationships seriously and the lesson she learnt will help her keep her current partner.

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