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Husband and wife relationship

Lucia's Somali Husband Disappears On Her For Five Years and Says It Was A Mistake

Some South African women decided to try other things and have lost interest in fellow South African men, they have engage themselves in International love affairs, one of them even took the love affair further steps, she married a Somali citizen and he disappeared without telling her where he is staying.

Lucia Kgomo from Groblerdal wrote to Rea Tsotella complaining that her husband has disappeared and it has been five years ever since he disappeared, now she wants Rea Tsotella to help her bring him to order and explain what could be happening since she doesn’t know what is happening.

"I met my husband in 2009, three years later we got married and then in. 2017, he just woke up in the wee hours of the morning and left me just like that without any explanation, he just went awol leaving no trace.

"I've been trying get him to come back, he has been all over the country, he was in Bochum all of a sufden he is in Cape Town. I've spent a lot of money driving all over the country trying to findout where he is, but I never found him, my attempts proved to be fruitless," Lucia told Bishop Makamu.

"I always though maybe he married me so that he can get South African citizenship, he always made me happy and always did his best to keep me happy, so I want Rea Tsotella to help me devorce him, I don't want to die carrying his surname while he is no longer in my life,"he said.

When Mr Hassan Nier finally came to give his side of the story, he never had any explanation, all he said was that it was a mistake that he left without telling her where he was, he kept calling her his wife and never wanted to explain, he just wanted to be given another chance to fix his marriage.

"I was supporting you right, I am sorry my wife, it was a mistake, I want us to fix this, we must make this work," he said.

As the show progress, Makamu asked if Nier is willing to take his wife to where he is staying and continue fixing their marriage while they are together, Nier said he will take her, but he will book her into a hotel since he can't take her to where he says.

"I don't have wife now, we will go together, but we will check into a hotel, and she will stay there, I can't sleep sleep with her at the shop since that is a business premises, I will talk to my wife, don't worry, " he said.

At the end, Lucia agreed to try fixing her marriage with Nier and they agreed that they will sort their Issues.


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