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Wedding planning scene

Mother-in-law ruins wedding day by doing this - bride left in tears


We all know that getting married brings joy to many ladies, because ladies dream of getting married at an early age, so getting married is more like a dream come true to them and from their younger age they cannot wait for their day, but there is one bride who looked back on her special day with some bitterness.

Because of this stunt that her mother-in-law pulled, she upstaged the bride and changed into a sparkly white dress during the wedding day as if it was her day, so she received the spotlight instead of the bride. This month the bride chose to share horror wedding story on reddit.

She was seeking some advice from the online community, after her mother-in-law's claims post-wedding the woman alleges that her mother-in-law believes the bride was in the wrong but was not, and she is also asking her for apology, but the groom's mother had her own plans together with her fiance.

The woman took the mother to a question fashion, trying to find an appropriate dress for their upcoming wedding day after sometime, but what the bride did not know was that the new mother that she has, had other plans for the wedding day that the woman knew nothing about.

She explained that her mother-in-law secretly bought another dress alone which was more perfect for the day than the dress that she chose for the bride. And it is revealed that after this has happened the mother-in-law still claimed that it is also her day too, but to tell the truth, her day had past long ago when when she got married.

And now this was the day for her son and his bride not hers, so she took advantage and attempted to ruin their day. Tell me as a reader, if you were in her own shoes how are you going to feel realizing that on your special day the attention is taken from you to another? what will be your reaction then?.

Would you say that the mother-in-law is in the wrong or the bride is in the wrong? But I say that the mother-in-law is the one who is in the wrong because this day was not hers, it was for her son and the bride then that had to be so until the end but she ruined it for them.

What is the advice you could give to the bride about the horrific wedding day experiance she had?

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