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RAMI: She is chilling with her friends watching The Estate

Rami Chuene, Loyiso McDonald, and Mmane Letty are having a good time indoors, but they are not all of them, because one of their member is not part of the thrilling experiences. Mo Setumo, KayFeelow, and Sandile M are part of the indoor session, but as for Smash Afrika, it was unfortunate because of work.

Every time Rami posts a photo on her timeline, she manages to surprise everyone. It happened about the lasted long weekend after she shared a picture of herself with one of those people who were getting married in Limpopo. She is also from Limpopo and it is a straight-line.


Now she is revealing the other individuals who are friends with her and most of them are not close to her age. It is not expected of her to have all her friends with friends younger than her, but there is nothing wrong with having a friendship individual who is younger than you.

They are having a wonderful friendship with a huge difference in age and they are learning different things from one another, so it looks like their friendship is stronger than many. Years before, it was not something that you would see every time, with a huge difference in age group and becoming friends.


They have been working together, and for them to continue to be friends is something great for them. They have a very strong bond that is not about to be broken anytime soon, unless it is about something that one person has to relocate to another country because of their line of work.

It is another interesting surprise that actors and actresses become big friends like them. Speaking from experience, it is also a good thing if one person is no longer a part of a certain show and they come in to provide him or her with the exact needed friendship.


With difficult times, friendship is valuable, and it does not matter with your standard of living is or who you are networking with. You cannot live alone, even though you love staying indoors a lot. You need to have a friend, even if is someone from your family.

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