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Touching Episode: Makhumalo Is indeed A Strong Woman

Uthando Nes'thembu is now, turning due south on the compass of profound quality. We are in a real sense being genuinely extorted by a man who will not get IVF or a substitute for his better half. Presently he's roping everybody other spouse to revitalize behind his babble. 

Dear peruser, I am interested to know how you would act assuming somebody told you, without setting, that you needed to part with your youngster. I'm not a mother so I can just picture my own response and it would be to bounce back in shock and passionately deny the surge. Having said this, I surmise I imply that I'm agreeing with MaCele's position on this weeks calamity. 

She got enthusiastic last near, feeling assaulted, when her significant other, who has three children, was focusing on her. He took them to get together with the Chief and in this conversation only one things was clarified. Zulu culture is based on the backs of ladies, yet the stay immaterial. How might a man with so many young lady kids care about having just young men? 

MaCele was legitimately annoyed with this new development. She had referenced before that the thought made her feel off kilter however her significant other demanded. How can it be that at whatever point he is involved there is just pity and crying? It can't be a quiet time, somebody must be crushed with regards to it. 

MaCele left the gathering this week and erratically so. She had no excuse to stay after her significant other strongly announced she could never leave him and his spouses responded cruelly to it. It made me uncomfortable. She then, at that point, begun to explain why she doesn't remain with different spouses at the kraal. The Drama. She decided to remain somewhere else to abstain from making them feel hurt. I can get that. 

My Final musings? 

MaCele may have opened up her marriage in view of her affection for this man. However, it appears as though she hasn't acknowledged that he has different spouses, not really. She needs to separate herself from it yet it will not change the truth. Having said that, I don't anticipate that any of they should be BFF's nevertheless they need to attempt to be considerate at any rate assuming they need to get along later on. 

Musa Mseleku is fizzling. He is fizzling as a spouse. He is fizzling as a dad. He is fizzling as a middle person and he is bombing MaKhumalo. He makes her the aim of the joke that is his "s'thembu" and I don't have a clue how much longer she can go before she separates and leaves him. 

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Source: Uthando Nes'thembu on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161 

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