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Makeup Skills

“Before you DM me, This is me without Makeup and filter”


Makeup is considered to one of the main thing people uses just because they feel beautiful on it rather than with their natural look. There are those people who uses makeup on a daily basis and again those who only prefer their natural look .

Makeup have deceive so many young men in the name of falling I love with the beauty of the woman just by seeing them wearing makeup . Unfortunately there has been so many incidents where men got divorced after seeing the natural look of their wives for the first time after being married and immediately divorce them.

A young lady on Twitter shared a snap of her picture without makeup with a caption “Before you DM me, here is my picture without makeup”. Her comments sections flooded with comments where others said that she was a natural beauty and didn’t need makeup to defend her own skin. Lady defends herself saying that if a person doesn’t like makeup they should not use it period.

I know of a lady who got married without even putting makeup on her skin and people thought that she was going crazy but in her own defence, she didn’t want her man to fall in love with a fake person (being her with makeup). The lady also got a round of applause for standing her grounds and being proud of her own skin . Loosing confidence on your own skin is another thing that makes people to rather opt for light skin products just to feed their own conscious. 

Please ladies, let us know if you prefer wearing makeup or not. Men can also share with us what happens when they see a girl for the first tike with a makeup and only to see them the following day without makeup, what comes to their minds? Don’t forget to follow me .

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