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"Broke man should stay away from Women" Mzansi man warns men after spending R50k

Man says Broke and poor man should stay away from women because they can't afford the.

- After a man who is a well known millionaire on the crypto investment, spent almost R50k on his wife says broke man should stay away from women because they are unable to provide for them.

- The man went on to share a long statement on Facebook that caught a lot of people's attention, The statement was looking down on broke and poor man who wouldn't be able to provide for their wife's.

The statement was shared on Facebook and it left many in stitches, Mzansi felt disrespected by the words that were written by the crypto millionaire. Mr Ngwenya went on to social media to say that.

The information written on his Facebook page didn't sit well with some of the users as they thought he was not Okay in his head. Many of them told him that they have better things to do with money but donate their hard earned cash to women.

- Here are some of the screenshot comments shared by social media users:

The man used R50K to buy his wife couches worth R50K, And went on to social media to show off on social media. Then after told men that they're shouldn't want women if they are broke and poor.

- Here Is the picture of the slip and the sofa's that were bought:

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