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Divorce Affair

5 Things That Can Make A Woman Have Extramarital Affairs

The act of cheating or having extramarital affairs is usually not something so special when it comes to men. At certain points, some do not even hide it, as they believe it is normal for them to cheat as men. 

However, for a woman to cheat in marriage, it is taboo, especially in most African traditions, but that doesn't mean that women do not cheat. 

Women who cheat do it secretly, but if have ever met any of them caught in the act, and you ask the reasons why they have done so, parts of their reasons will be in the enumerated lists below:

1. Loneliness, despite being

Women like attention to be given to them all the time. 

So, a married woman is bound to cheat if her husband has no time for her. Most men, due to the busy schedule at work or keeping a distant relationship, are unable to spend time together with their wives. 

2. Negligence of duty by the husband 

The mistake most men make is to believe that once you're married you're married forever and that it doesn't matter whether you discharge your duties well (especially in the aspects of romance) as a man or not. 

The point is, an African woman is trained to be shy when it comes to speaking about an unsatisfied romantic life with her husband, meanwhile she may be tempted to get what you couldn't give her somewhere else. 

3. Lost of communication

Communication is key in any relationship and every man should take it as a duty to always communicate with his wife. 

Communication is not just talking, but talking about tropical issues in the marriage and how to go about solving them. 

In a situation where husband and wife no longer see eye to eye, a woman is likely to go seek comfort somewhere else. And because at that moment she just needed someone to talk with, she is likely to give in to whatever comes through it. 

4. Maltreatment from the husband 

If a man maltreats his woman, it is as simple as sending her away indirectly into the hands of another man. Except for a few women who can persevere, the majority of women like a comfortable place. 

5. Some women just want to have fun

You may be surprised that some women just like to get a taste of what it is to be with another man, not for any other thing other than the fun of it. 

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