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Ingane Yam: Viewers suspicious about 'supportive friend' on tonight's episode

Ingane Yam: Viewers suspicious about 'supportive friend' on tonight's episode

While you are here, please follow me.

A cheater will always be a cheater, especially when you enable them. A guy asked his female bestie to accompany him to Ingane Yam to tell his girlfriend of 7 years that he has 2 kids outside of their relationship. Initially, I thought that the two are siblings because the bestie explained that the guy tells her everything there is to know about him. He tells her stuff that he would not dare tell his woman.

At what point did their relationship get so intimate that they were able to share their deepest secrets? At some point in the discussion, Mthoko's woman said that he spends a lot of time with friends, and I'm wondering if the bestie is the friend in question because she knows everything about him, meaning they spend a lot of time together.

I do understand that their relationship was solid before Mthoko's woman came into the picture but it is very suspicious. It is so suspicious that it comes as no question that this woman would be alleged to be one of Mthoko's many girlfriends. His comfortability in dishing out his secrets to her might stem from her being an ex or a friend with benefits.

This best friend is sneaky. I don't trust her. I think she's hiding so much from her other friend #inganeyam @miss_posh911  

There's something about this besty that doesn't sit well with me hey #inganeyam QueenB

#inganeyam she is one of the side chick Cathy

Do you think that their friendship might go beyond what meets the eye?

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Source: Mzansi Magic on DStv Channel 161


January 25, 2022

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