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Man in 5 years relationship cries out, after discovering this, on his girlfriend phone.

After discovering this on his girlfriend's phone, a man in a five-year relationship cries out in pain.

After realizing that his partner has not save his phone number after five years of dating, a man can't stop crying.

When a young man found that his girlfriend of five years had still not saved his phone number on her phone, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

When he discovered what she had done, he was devastated, and he broke down in tears to show his immense disappointment. He appears to have discovered this unpleasant fact after he borrowed his girlfriend's phone and called his own number from it.

And he did all of this while allowing someone to film the entire process so that netizens could see how romantic his girlfriend is really is! (obviously thinking she has given him an affectionate name on her phone).

Meanwhile, he had saved her phone number as "My woman," But his own phone number had not been saved on her phone under any name at the time.

The guy felt disappointed and noted that he may be a victim of fake love. Watch the video below via the SOURCE Link;


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