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Divorce Affair

These are the real men - Jealous husband divorces wife after she commented on fitness trainers photo

What's in a photo you may ask? According to a man whose divorcing his wife, everything in a photo is real. 

A Zambian man has grabbed the internet headlines for all the wrong reasons after he decided to part ways with his wife. 

A married nurse has been divorced by her husband for merely liking the photos of an Engineer and Fitness trainer, Imasiku Mwiya.

The husband did not like the fact that his wife had liked the photos of a much more fitter man and he decided to end their nuptials. 

Natasha Mulenga had merely liked the photos of Mwiya and her husband George Banda felt offended. 

To add salt to injury, Natasha had commented on the photo saying: "these are the real men"

He immidiately started working on the divorce proceedings. 

He asked the court to grant him divorce of his wife because he can’t continue to live with a woman who has clear lust for another man.

The wife did not contest the divorce. 


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