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How to know someone is depressed

1. They don't speak much in social interaction or they tend to withdraw themselves.

2. They struggle to get out off bed.

3. They have lost interest in stuff they use to enjoy doing like for instance reading.

4. They don't like talking on the phone and make excuses as to why people can't call them.

5. They spend a lot off time hiding in their phone.

6. They like to say they are tired or don't feel good.

7. They don't talk much in large groups.

8. They ignore people because they get lost inside themselves.

9. They are not keeping in touch with people they know.

10. They push people away they care about to avoid getting hurt.

11. They tend to have lack off energy.

12. They have persistent low mood; feelings off sadness, hopelessness, emptiness or even irritability.

13. Poor concentration.

14. Consistent depressed mood.

15. Trouble sleeping.

16. Feelings off hopelessness.

17. Lost appetite or binge-eating.

18. Overdrinking themselves beyond their limits.

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