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Are Single Black Ladies Too Independent?

Too positive of themselves, too keen to specific their opinion (and yours), too unwilling to pay attention and be submissive? Are state-of-the-art black girls even successful in 'following' a sturdy black man? For all my unmarried brothers accessible who've requested me those questions many times - this newsletter is for you.

First, let's cope with the primary question - Are unmarried black girls too independent? My solution to this could make you wonder - I think, in lots of ways, black girls are too independent, however with excellent reason. To recognize this dichotomy, you need to recognize something approximately maximum, unmarried black girls. Most unmarried black girls have a record of assisting themselves, retaining down a job (or two), probable raising kids, attending school, looking after family bills (possibly with a residence on their very own) and supporting out with a different circle of relatives obligations concerning parents, grandparents and siblings.  

In many instances, they have got treated with those obligations without a sturdy or steady male effect. Through miscommunication, death, forget or abuse, many father-daughter, sister-brother, boyfriend-lady friend relationships have long passed astray, often leaving girls to shape an aid community amongst themselves to get matters done, carry order to their lives and attain the ones obligations that have been as soon as upon a time greater flippantly cut up among the 2 genders.  

This has precipitated a plague of kinds inside the unmarried black community. Black girls discovered that to get matters done, they needed to depend upon themselves and started to achieve this with growing success. As a result of this, black girls discovered that they did not really 'need' black guys the manner they thought they did - for companionship, for management or cash and aid.

  They discovered paintings and earned cash for themselves, raised their kids unmarried-handily, paid their bills, and got their very own education, however, those training got here at a price.   And that price changed into the sacrifice of a healthy courting with their destined spouses, boyfriends or lovers. So, yes, black girls are on occasion too independent, however best due to the fact they needed to be. To live to tell the tale, so as for his or her kids to live to tell the tale and to make their lives paintings.

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