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Never trust a Male Bestie, see what was spotted on Watsapp during the Convo between my wife and him


Most of the ladies who have male besties tend to cheat on them by pretending to be friends. Here is a conversation between a woman and her male best friend. See how people react with this.


"These male bestie things don't end well. I know...The next thing you'll be alone and lonely as he'll find the love of his life and wena you've been moshing your mjolos because you think he'll always be there.I have a male bestie and nothing has ever happened between us in the 15 years we've been friends.... He was supportive and always listened.... He never intervenes, he just listens.... Kodwa said that male besties are something else altogether, bringing McDonald's


Oh, mine disappeared on me ever since he changed cities. I even told myself I would never hear from him again. Oh, he was my everything when it came to emotional support. I thought I had a male bestie until he told me to leave my husband for him. Now I'm questioning if he was ever my friend.


I personally don't like the idea at all. My ex-girlfriend once told me, "I can go if I want to, but Chris is staying." She would cancel our date just to be with him. People, for one, hate it. But I won't discourage my current girlfriend from doing the same.


Your girlfriend will never tell you, but she has that one male friend that she tolerates so much and right now the guy is whatsapping her, "How is that cow of yours?" Your girl is laughing and replying with... "No, he's not a cow" lol, but the moment you mess up, she texts that boy with, "guess what that cow did today?" Then they joke and laugh at you all day! That's why you sometimes feel no appetite to eat, "said a Facebook follower.


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