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Why Most Guys Can't Get The Girl They Want, Even Though They're Attractive

The following is the response to the question that was asked:

Because they have a fundamental misunderstanding of the ways in which women are attracted to men.

To make this perfectly clear, I'm not suggesting that you're a nasty person at all. You're probably a really cool person with a lot to offer, and there's a lot that you can give.

On the other hand, I can deduce from your inquiry that the majority of men do not comprehend what it is that women desire or how it is possible to provide it for them.

One of the most pervasive misconceptions in the realm of modern dating is the idea that women are attracted to men for the same reasons that men are attracted to women, specifically their appearance.

That is not the case.

This has been conclusively demonstrated over the course of several decades of investigation into evolutionary psychology and the mate theory.

But there's no need to be concerned about that since, with a little bit of effort, you'll be able to find out what the women whose attention you seek want and how you can give it to them.

Does it sound intriguing?

Continue reading then.

1. Have an understanding of the factors that cause attraction between women

It is a common misconception among males that just because women's physical attractiveness attracts men, it follows that women must, by definition, find the same qualities attractive in men.

That is not the case. You need only give the history of our species' development a quarter of a second and a half of your attention to understand this.

When you take into account the fact that attraction is an unconscious and uncontrollable feeling that is developed out of our species' urge to procreate and have children, it makes perfect sense that attraction is mostly based on whether or not a person is suitable for reproduction.

For instance, men from different cultures and different eras are drawn to the same types of women for different reasons.

Young, with a symmetrical face (a sign of good health and genetics), wide hips, a small waist, and large breasts (all signals of the potential to bear children) (again, a sign of fertility).

Because of this, the vast majority of men are not typically attracted to significantly older women, overweight women, or unhealthy women. However, there are always exceptions to every rule.

They are not acceptable as a source of adequate mating material for any reason. (Please don't kill the messenger here; I'm not personally of the opinion that a woman's worth is determined by her beauty; I'm simply sharing the science behind attraction with you, folks.)

The only actual requirement that a woman must meet in order for a man to effectively reproduce with her is that she must be physically fit enough to bear robust offspring.

But things aren't quite so cut and dry for women.

Character and personality are significantly more important to women than physical appearance when it comes to determining whether or not they find someone attractive.

When it comes to attraction, a woman is more concerned about a man's personality. Just give it some thought.

A woman, unconsciously, needs to know that the man she is sleeping with is capable of defending her and her kids (and yes, looks indicate this); that he is nice enough to raise a child; that he is dominating and aggressive yet sensitive and soft; and that he is able to do all of these things.

They are looking for a sensitive defender. A man who is able to defend his family with severe ferocity, yet who can turn off his aggressive side in order to protect and care for his children.

In order to attract women, looks are important, but only to a limited extent. They are much more concerned with how you behave and who you are than with how you physically appear.

When it comes to having a child and raising that child, your physical appearance is not as as important as you might think it is. But your deeds are.

2. Invest in your own personal growth first and foremost.

In light of the information presented above, your first and foremost priority should be to work on improving yourself. This should be your primary area of focus.

What else do you bring to the table other the fact that you're a pretty good-looking dude? What does it mean to provide value to the life of a woman?

Are you not worried about your finances? Do you have the self-control and self-discipline necessary to work hard at the gym, earn a solid living, and follow your own hobbies (all of which are signals that you will have the determination she needs to assist her in raising a child)?

Are you an adventurous person, a cheerful and joyful person, and do you have a good sense of humor (all of which are indicators of excellent emotional health)?

Or are you merely hoping that your attractiveness will help you land a date?

The first thing you need to do to make yourself more appealing to ladies is to concentrate on yourself.

Grow, improve, and transform into a more powerful and centered individual by working on yourself.

Figure out how to establish yourself without resorting to aggression (for example, stating your opinions when other people disagree with you). Create for yourself interests and activities that go beyond partying with pals and playing video games.

Are you acting in a way that gives women the impression that you are the kind of man who can provide for them and make their lives simpler in the long run? Bring anything of real value to the table, do you?

It will be much simpler for you to attract women if you can develop yourself to a greater extent. You could take the pickup approach (I've been there, done that), but it won't be sustainable in the long run.

After the first or second date, women will see through the game and understand that you utilized a variety of methods and lines that you learnt in a book to get in her trousers... However, you are not prepared to be in a serious relationship.

Therefore, cultivate yourself, put your attention solely on yourself, and become the most powerful version of yourself.

From this vantage point, it will be much simpler for you to attract the women you seek.

3. Strive to be More Interesting and Enjoy Yourself More

At the end of the day, humans have a limited amount of time to spend on this earth, and it is ingrained in our nature to yearn for the experience of being alive.

Simply put, when someone is making the most of their one and only opportunity to participate in the human experience, they are living what is known as a "10/10 life," and this makes them more appealing to other people.

Becoming a fully living person is one of the finest methods to attract the women you want and to keep them interested in you.

How do you do this?

by broadening your interests and increasing your sense of humor.

You should get rid of your television and cancel your Netflix subscription. With the money you save on entertainment, you should invest in something that will make you a more interesting man such as dance lessons, a membership to a gym, or something similar.

Put your full effort into life.

Spend time expanding your linguistic and musical horizons, going on adventures, discovering new places, making new friends, and generally making the most of your life.

When women observe a man who is maximizing his potential and having a good time, it is only natural for them to want to be in his company since they are aware that he will make their life more enjoyable.

By spending more time with you, they will have more opportunities to learn from and appreciate life's experiences.

This should now be your primary focus.

Forget looking good. If you can portray yourself as a man who is constantly engaged in something intriguing and who is having more fun than anyone else, then the women whose attention you seek will find you extremely appealing.

4. Acquire the Ability to Let Go of the Result

Women can tell if you are going out with the sole purpose of getting laid and will avoid you as a result. They are able to tell when a man is trying to "grab" something from them as opposed to sharing something with them because they are aware of it.

They are able to recognize when you are going to contribute value as well as when you are going to take value away from the situation.

The important thing is to let go of the goal to achieve a particular result.

Women are able to pick up on the fact that you don't have anything sneaky up your sleeve when you go out and talk to them. They will recognize that you are sincerely interested in having a good time and inviting them to join you for the ride because of this.

Try going out for a few weeks or months but giving yourself strict instructions not to go home with any of the girls you go out with. This will be a very beneficial exercise.

Sincerely, it will be challenging, but doing so will teach you to release your attachment to the result.

If you go out with the intention of teaching yourself to let go of expectations and simply enjoy yourself, telling yourself things like "I don't care how well I get along with a female, we're not going home together tonight" is a good way to start.

You won't come off as clingy or weird if your primary objective is to have fun and enjoy yourself since that's all you want to do. This is something that women can pick up on, and it will make them want to be with you even more.

Take into consideration the following...

When you go to a dealership that sells used automobiles and a salesman approaches you, you should be on guard and ready to defend yourself. You are aware that he is interested in making a sale to you and gaining something from you, most likely in the form of monetary compensation. Because you are aware that he is working toward something behind your back, you won't find the interaction to be very enjoyable.

5. If you want to make people angry, just tell them the truth.

Being a man who isn't afraid to say what's on your mind is one of the sexiest things you can do.

Ninety-nine point nine percent of men in the population are too timid to speak up and advocate for themselves.

They won't be honest about their thoughts and views because they don't want to offend anyone, so they lie about them.

Disrespectfully? To hell with you.

Take responsibility for both who you are and what you believe. Always be true to yourself, even if it means upsetting other people.

Do not make the mistake of trying to be a woman's friend if your goal is to sleep with her. Be honest about your intentions.

Put an end to your efforts to please everyone. because you are unable to do so, and attempting to do so will only result in you injuring yourself further.

Accept yourself exactly as you are and don't feel bad about it.

Simply by being who you are and saying what you believe, you will automatically attract the people who are meant to be in your life.

People that dislike you for speaking your truth have no business being in your life to begin with since they have no right to do so.

It’s that simple.

I really hope this helps.

Maintain your center,


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