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OPINION: Ancestors turn their back on Makoti who does these 2 things in her marital home

There is a difference between a relationship which can also be referred to as Umjolo, and marriage, in fact, there is a huge difference... According to Mondli Radebe, a relationship expert, Some people are good in a relationship, but way too fragile to be in marriage because a marriage is not about you two lovers, family members are somehow involved in your marriage.

1. Ancestors turn their back on a wife who sleeps with other men and cheat on her husband.

One thing about ancestors is that they are too protective when it comes to marriages, They may not able to fix the marriage from falling apart because sometimes it is because they have seen it coming and they knew; that someone you chose to marry was not your soulmate, they probably gave you signs but you ignored them because you were blinded by love.

According to the Zulu culture, a woman can't date more than one man. If a wife cheats and sleeps with other men except for her husband, ancestors regard that a pure disrespect and they turn their back on that cheating wife. This means that now no ancestor is protecting this wife, in other words, she is now not safe from, witches, disease, and car accidents, she is now all by herself.

2. Ancestors turn their back from Makoti who milk cows.

A woman is not allowed to enter the kraal especially the kraal of her marital home. The reason why a wife should enter the kraal, and milk the cows is that it shows the respect you have not just for your in-laws, but the ancestors of your marital home. According to Mandla, a traditional healer, ancestors likes usually stay in the kraal, sea, and kitchen, and that is why it is highly recommended that a wife show respect when entering the kitchen.

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