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“They look like Twins”: Meet The Man That Looks Like Nyan’Nyan’s Luyanda Potwana

I am yet to be proven wrong of the notion that one of the most surreal and breathtaking moments in life is to see two different people who look like each other. It’s even more unbelievable when those people aren’t even related or whatsoever.Meet Bamanye Ndzima, 28 year old young man from the Eastern Cape in Fort Beaufort who has been dubbed as the spitting image of Luyanda Potwana, the presenter of SABC 1’s Nyan’ Nyan (a  popular and emotive reality show that people go to as means to save their failing romantic relationships)

Ndzima is an alumnus of the University of Fort Hare. He went viral after a fellow student of the University of Fort Hare by the name of “Zukisa Zuks Mbaleki” shared his pictures on their Facebook campus group after he had realized that Ndzima’s resemblance to that of Luyanda Potwana was very much uncanny.

Mbaleka’s caption was, “uBamanye makaqale uNyan’ Nyan apha e-Alice, asoze kuthiwe ayingo Potwana” which is Xhosa and translates to, “ Bamanye should have Nyan’ Nyan here in Alice; nobody will ever think he is not Luyanda Potwana”.

Instantly, others agreed that the two indeed look alike and that the resemblance was very much strong. In fact, some even said they look like twins. They went as far as reciting Luyanda Potwana’s most popular phrase from his reality show. Phrases like, “Take care of the truth before the truth takes care of you, ndinithanda nyan nyan”

or “yintoni eyaku atractayo kula sisi” which is Xhosa for, “what attracted you in that lady?”.

Potwana also likes saying, “as Nyan’ Nyan we do not condone cheating”.

On Nyan’ Nyan Potwana is first briefed by the confessant outside, one on one, and then the listener joins the conversation later. If the confessant leaves a certain part of the confession. Potwana always says, “tell him/her what you told me when we were outside.

These two gentlemen will have you thinking that doppelgängers exist. This just shows we are all just relatives here on earth.

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