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"Your Awards got me dumped, I can't breathe"

For those who are not on Twitter or any social media then I'm sure you are not aware that yesterday they were hosting the first ever black Twitter awards.

But then it ended in tears when another tweep posted screenshots of him and his girlfriend now Ex girlfriend breaking up with him because of the awards.

The conversation takes a turn after they had made plans to visit each other for the weekend and the guy later changed his mind and said he'll be busy. The girlfriend decided to end the relationship all together because she wants someone who can communicate with her everyday. He posted the screenshots and captioned it "Your Awards got me dumped, i can't breathe"

After he posted this on Twitter people started commenting. Some said the relationship was already over and she was just looking for way to way to end the relationship. Here are some of the replies

Truly speaking this guy wanted to get dumped how can you make an excuse using fake awards. Do you think the girl was already done with the relationship or it's all a joke?

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