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Getting your an ex that you still love back. SIMPLE AND EASY BUT EFFECTIVE

Instructions to use, lost lover , Ex boyfriend or Ex girlfriend.

To those who have break up with their partners do this.

please write your ex man or woman their name and surname on the clean white paper ,

once done writing all you want to see happening then put the letter inside the white cloth wrap it well, then put it inside the mayonnaise bottle and pour 4 spoon of holy ash and penduka magic.

together inside the bottle of mayonnaise please do not put water inside then close the bottle dig hole in the forest or in your yard , put the bottle inside the hole and cover it with soil while you are busy covering with soil you will be calling her or him to come back to you.

# let me repeat the instruction in short to make you understand better.

to those who have break up i want you to write ✍️ your man or woman's name on paper 📖 and put it inside a white clothes and tie it tyt once.

Put it inside a mayonised bottle and put holy ash inside it and penduka magic dont put water in it.

Close it and put it in the hole 🕳 and cover it with soil. You will be calling him or her to come back to you while closing the whole


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