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Anastasia Swears Men Are Attracted To Her Because Of Her Fillers

Meet Anastasiia Pokreschuk who doesn't go to the doctor to get fillers and swears she's getting more men's attention than she did when she was natural. 

The Ukraine woman is reported to have a number of injections of hyaluronic acid into her face yearly. She also admitted to injecting her self at home without a doctor's supervision.

While the outside world might stare and find her look distasteful, Anastasia insists that she loves how she looks and has no regrets. Apparently her new look has helped with her self esteem and it has also brought male admires into her life.

Speaking on This Morning, Anastasiia said,"Of course I have more attention with my filler, romantic also. But it's not to do with my cheeks - it's because I have become more confident."

"My mum thinks this is a little bit crazy, but what can she do. No regrets, never any regrets, I'm happy with my cheeks."

The 31 year old said getting the fillers helped alleviate her looks and said before she was just plain but now she's much happier thanks to the fillers.

Anastasiia said last month: "I was ashamed of everything; my voice, my appearance. It was really hard work."

She added: "I think I was ugly before. My mom thinks that I was naturally beautiful before, but now thinks I look more exotic and my friends say my new appearance is better because before I looked like a grey mouse."

Anastasia can't help but praise the fillers for her new found confidence and went further saying she shares more pictures on her Instagram now because of how great she looks. The 31 year old has a whopping 158, 000 followers on Instagram. 

She added: "After I had the injections and saw the changes in my cheeks, I fell in love with them. I love them, I want them to look like this and I'm very happy.

"I regularly inject other parts of my face myself. I understand that they look weird for other people but I don't mind."

Dr Alex Karidis who was alongside Anastasia, warned her about the dangers of injecting her own fillers.

He told her: "There's a reason why injectable fillers are administered by experienced practitioners, there's a huge amount of skill and knowledge requires.

"There's always complications that can occur even in experienced hands."

Even after being warned Anastasia came up with an excuse. 

 "This can be dangerous but I do it with doctors I am learning online. I was worried, but I love this."

Do you think she looks better than before?

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