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Meet the man who has 15 wives and 107 children

Meet the man who has 15 wives and 107 children,his name is David Sakayo Kaluhana, and he is 61 years old that man left many people surprised, and they ask themselves how this man handles his wives because sometimes many women can fight because of Jealousy.

David is a genius man and he believes that his wisdom needs many wives, because one wife won't be able to understand him, David is historian man who reads almost 4 000 books and he said he still remembers page by page.

And David can handle his wives and children because they are doing everything together and they also treat him like a king, he is not rich but he can take care of all his wives.

David still want to take more women and have more children and his other wives do not have a problem with it, David married his first wife in 1998.

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David David Sakayo Kaluhana


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