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Why Do We Wear Wedding Ring On The Left Hand ?

Engagement rings and wedding bands are usually worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in many Western societies, from the United Kingdom to the United States, Canada, and a number of European countries. Whether you are someone who appreciates following the rules or someone who does not, it is likely that this is a tradition you have adopted without hesitation.

But what's the backstory of this rule? Why is this digit the vehicle of choice for such valuable jewels?

Ancient History

This question has an immediate answer that is really endearing. Wearing romantic jewelry on the ring finger dates back to Ancient Egypt, when it was thought that a vein called the vena amoris (meaning "vein of love" in Latin) traveled directly from the tip of that finger to the heart.

The unending circular form of the engagement ring and wedding band is widely regarded to represent the eternal nature of loving union, with the open center serving as a portal to the couple's yet-to-be-discovered future.With these theories in mind, what could be a more meaningful way of communicating lifelong love and commitment than with a band of precious metal on the fourth finger of the left hand? Throw a unique inner-band engraving or a bespoke design into the mix and the sentimental value is off the chart.


Of course, many conventional rules surrounding betrothals, weddings, and marriages have since gone the way of the dodo bird in Western civilization. Your emotional rings, for example, don't have to match your partner's in metal or style, nor do they have to be worn on your left ring finger. Many European countries, including Norway, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, and Spain (the motherland of our Founder, Arabel! ), have viewed the right hand as a suitable location for the engagement ring and wedding band. Because it's used for oaths and vows, it's a natural emblem of honour and trust.

Although many individuals enjoy stacking their engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, there is no rule that says it has to be done this way. Your engagement ring is a priceless piece of jewelry, and if you don't want to share space with it, you have the flexibility to wear it however and whenever you choose! Some people choose to wear their engagement ring solely on special occasions for practical reasons. Others may like to keep it in a particular place on the right ring finger until the wedding band arrives. Some people don't wear their rings on their fingers at all, preferring to display them on a chain.

All in all, just like your unique love story, the choice is all yours


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