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A 25 year old boy left social media talking after posting her 7 years back before and after picture.


A 25-year-old boy who left people talking on Facebook after posting her picture of 7 years back with her latest picture of this days, on how he went in life before he became where be is now working a good job,

This is not easy at all it was very taught to achieve the goal he was living in a small shack with her mother and siblings, where they were sometimes sleeping without eating food, going to school without wearing shoes, using school bag of plastic only to achieve his to goal to see himself somewhere,

Telejane Tibisi group up in a poor family but now because of him everything is in a good way, he builder her mother a house and staying with siblings in it.

Social media got surprised of him people know that everything in life is not possible to achieve you have to fight for your dreams until they became true.

The life of today things are taught to found but you need to know what you want in life.

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