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Wedding planning scene

Our Perfect Wedding: Why he needs to look at you like THAT... see photos

This week Mr and Mrs. Maake took over Our Perfect Wedding and had us all in our feelings as they explained their love story to us. Now if you watch OPW you'll know the backstory is usually a little bit embarrassing. We hear stories of infidelity and it dims the light of the occasion for us, but not this week!

Yvonne and Sello's love began four years ago, nudged along by her friend who was sure that they would click. That friend is the one you should follow if she jumps off a cliff! She made their connection possible and after talking for a month they were able to find meet.

I mean the entire wedding from start to finish was a wonderland and no one can deny this! They were beaming with love and their glow as they described one another was something we should all strive for. A love where you feel like partner was designed personally for your soul is the only that matters.

Sello and Yvonne made it clear to all of us that it was love at first sight. Yvonne had started to give up the hope of ever being married. She had seen her younger siblings be married and thought it was not her destiny to find love and Sello changed that.

He speaks to her with such respect and in a world where men are always fighting on Twitter about how to treat women, it was refreshing. He clearly made his choice and faith played a role. I loved everything about this episode.

It renewed my joy and revived my spirits. That is what love is supposed to do. It is meant to make everyone around you wish you nothing but joy. Sello's reaction upon seeing his bride made me tear up myself. That he loves her so much his feelings overwhelmed him.

Basically, Sello and Yvonne set the standard here. Don't settle for less on your quest for love. Always be with someone who makes you feel beautiful!

Check out these photos of the decor and the wedding party!

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