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She sent this to her boyfriend & and she was left in disappointment

- Relationships are the most important things one can not risk to just let them fade away from them. If a person truly loves someone they wouldn't do the following that was done by other Random girls on twitter and called it a prank to see how they're Boyfriends would react.

- A trending prank of people pranking they're lovers has left others in shock and others uneasy by the reaction they got from they're Boyfriends. The prank Is about a photo of a man who seemed to be in a vacation, having fun next to a huge pool.

On this Pranks the women who are testing they're Boyfriends send this photo of this man and asks if they would take them on that kind of vacation to see how they will react once they see the man on the photo.

- The first guy we found was a guy whom his girlfriend sent the photo to him and asked, "I Really love the pool, I found a place like this in GC wanna go spend the night there." In which the man replied that, "You wanna see my muscles." The women was left in disappointment after this because she expected a better reaction than this.

- On the following photo is one of the coolest and chilliest guy who didn't even mind the guy who was on the photo. She went on to say, "How about a private vacation here, it's very cost and private??." The young women didn't expect such an answer from her boyfriend as he didn't show any signs of jealousy towards the photo.


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