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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Laugh till you crack up your ribs

Before you judge someone for being broke make sure your private part is not your source of income. Relax guys there is nothing special in serious relationships... There is one always crying and the other one just apologising, "I am sorry, I am sorry"Dating a neighbour is nonsense, you will be receiving texts like "is everything okay babe I saw you coming from the toilet"

Chilling with my side chicks

People who are happy in relationships. What is your secret I feel so genuinely sorry for people who message me expecting a good conversation. 7,8 billion people in this world and you just want my partner to be your bestie. A real woman will stay awake the whole night just to make sure mosquitoes don't disturb her husband.when somebody gives you a lift in their car do not be greeting people through the window. That behavior consumes fuel a lot.

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