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Opinion: Screenshot of Daliwonga other girlfriend out as she does not want to be private

Lmao Mbali bathong 💔 I hope he won't break up with you. Why couldn't you keep quiet?I will never understand this yaz... As long as he gives you his time and showers you with love akho need to go all public lmaoThe fact that screenshoting CF is a real thing stresses me out.

-Dating Daliwonga?? I won’t be private as well lol Yoh aneva!!!idc what anyone says, o save’a jwang baby ka stage name? Definitely starting to believe these huns leak their own CF content.CLOSE FRIENDS IZONIBULALA !

- Blur the name/ Profile Pic bawo. Only your real friends would know who you’re referring to.Idk why all cheating men love saying “i love you okay” 😭 that ok dusts me everytime bc haibo wena rubbish and dust don’t reassure me ka nonsense.

-One thing about Women. They love to embarrass themselves. Men are trash 🗑️ we get it, but why place yourself in such a shitty situation and now you have to go publicly to show, you dating a man who is happily showing off another relationship on social Media.

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Daliwonga Pic bawo Yoh


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