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Divorce Affair

I Had An Affair and She Fell Pregnant How Do I Know The Baby Is Mine? - Opinion

Infidelity isn't a singular, well-defined event, and what constitutes infidelity differs between marriages and even between partners. Is an emotional relationship without physical contact, for example, considered infidelity? So, how about internet dating? In the context of their marriage, each individual and couple must determine what constitutes infidelity.


Infidelity can occur in both happy and difficult relationships. Infidelity can be caused by a variety of causes, including:

Inadequate affection

Loss of affection and concern for one another Imbalance in the relationship's give and take

Communication breakdown in connection to emotional and interpersonal needs

Chronic pain or incapacity are examples of physical health difficulties.

Depression, anxiety, and bipolar illness are examples of mental health disorders.

Addictions to sex, love, romance, gambling, drugs, or alcohol are all examples of addiction.

Unresolved marital issues, such as a fear of intimacy or a desire to avoid conflict


The initial discovery of an affair frequently elicits strong emotions as well as a sense of loss in both partners. The betrayed partner may be traumatized by the violation of trust and excessively reflect on the facts of the affair. The partner who committed the infidelity may be concerned about being punished indefinitely. It's normally tough to think clearly enough to make long-term decisions at this point.

When the paternity of a child is in doubt, it can be upsetting for everyone involved.

Sometimes the only way to find out is to conduct a paternity test, but what if the mother refuse

A married woman had an affair with one of my friends. During this time, the woman with whom he was having an affair became pregnant

The child's mother refuses to take a paternity test because she believes the child's father is her present spouse

What are my friend's rights when it comes to pressuring the mother to determine whether the child is the husband's or my friend's

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