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READ|| What I Found On My Partner's WhatsApp Left Me In Disbelief - Opinion

I was nervous when I worked with my wife in an environment where I was frequently made to feel apprehensive and uneasy because she would be judged by her male coworkers based on her attractiveness. But what could it possibly be? To my knowledge, the girl is really lovely, and she's one of those hard-to-describe sorts to behold. Why someone like her would work there has always been a puzzle to me.

But, by doing so, I was able to listen in on what they were saying at work, and it turned out that they were simply talking about raising children and other mundane topics. Hearing her denial gave me a lot of peace of mind, and I stopped believing she was having an affair.

She's generally on the phone when she walks into our apartment, and everytime she sees me, she immediately hangs up. When I inquired who had phoned, she refused to give me a name, but when I questioned if it was Thabo, who isn't a big talker, she told me who it was.

I've been listening in on their talks because I'm intrigued about the woman befriending someone I don't know. To learn more about their talks, I decided to conduct a search and discovered the following facts.

The following are some of the messages I discovered.

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