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You guys did not tell us that in magistrate offices they do not allow short trousers


@chaungeni1 left people starring with his unusual outfit when he was left with no choice but to borrow his mother's fabric, after he was denied entry to the magistrate. This is what he said "You guys don't tell us that in magistrate offices they don't allow short trousers. I had to ask my mom for this fabric so that I could cover my trouser, The way people were looking at me"

It's unusual to see a man in a woman's outfit according to @chaungeni1 he had no choice because he couldn't let his mother go inside alone "Bro at first I denied going in there, but I remembered that my mom couldn't go alone" he said. Tweeps commented and shared similar misfortunes, one Twitter user said "I remember being turned away cause I was wearing a boobtube dress, luckily I had a cardigan in the car that I always keep. Looks like many people don't know how to dress when attending a court case."

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