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Pedophile loves young boys

We live in a sick world and people are becoming even more disgusting. A grown up men is targetting boys 11, 12, and further to sleep with him as boys this young gives him excitement as he did this before and wants to do it again. Kids that young are not ready for sex neither are they old enough to deal with the long term affects it will have on their physical and emotional health .Mcniel Davin Swartz definitely has a thing for younger boys old enough to be his son. We can clearly see that by what he posts online. What kind off a person targets children when there are people his age he can be in a relationship with? You get good Gays, Lesbians, Straight people etc but you also get sick twisted once like him . On Social Media people are angry that he can commit such disgusting acts. Just cause you have a fantasy doesn't mean you have to act on it. I wonder if these boys parents know that their children are sleeping with a grown up? As a society why don't we for once do something to stop these perpetrators? Things are getting worse and no one is doing anything to stop this. When will all this come to an end? We can't continue to live like this.

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