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Woman must never contribute in paying their own bride price (Lobola), a man says

 Paying bride price ( lobola) is a custom in which the family of the bridegroom man pays the family of the bride for her hand in marriage and has been in existence for centuries.

A man posted on his Twitter account to outline his opinion on the matter of bride price. He wrote this as his caption " Support your man in everything, but never contribute in paying your own Lobola".

Woman can be there for their man, support them in everything, but never dare to contribute in paying their own lobola. In this practice a man is expected to pay whatever amount the family of the future's wife thinks it's worth their daughter. It is not in our culture as a woman to pay lobola for yourself, but people have rights now and can do as they please. After paying or contributing in paying our own lobola, will your husband and in-laws have respect for you?

By paying lobolo for yourself as a woman, you are killing the whole excitement about traditional wedding.

"If you did that you will be mocked and reminded that you paid lobolo for yourself. The man can turn around and claim that you are not his wife," he said.

Khoza added: "This looks like we have taken other people's culture and made it ours. When we distort our culture we don't realise that we are killing our own African spirituality."

Lot of man agreed with him, this is a man responsibility and do not think any right minded man can agree to that. It is potrayed as some form of desperation. How would you feel as a man after your future wife contributed to her own pride price?

Others say that they do not really understand the whole bride price thing, is it still relevant ? They would rather use the money to plan for the future .

What's your take on this matter, can you contribute in paying your own bride price? Will you let your future wife help you?


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