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6 signs she is girlfriend material.

If it's been a while since you can use the word “girlfriend” in family picnic conversations, maybe it is time you got serious again.

And it has received more attention than it deserves from the heartbreakers and cheaters of the world.

The last thing you want to do is gift this title to someone who will sneak up on you with a bit of madness once you close the deal. But there's a girl you can't stop thinking about It's so cool when they hang out together and she is so different from the others.

Could it be the moment Is she "the only one" who will restore your trust in the world's good friends? Here are six signs to help you figure that out. If it hits more than half, everything is fine. The details:

1. She is your number one fan.

Women are difficult to impress. If she's complimenting you, it's because she's trying to puff you up for a reason. She knows it's good for you.

That is the good news. The best news is that he is serious. The bad news? Dude, she flatters you. There are none. He likes you. Much.

2. You think she's cool.

Period. You've already described her to the guys as "hot" and "cool" so they'll know it's only a matter of time before she leaves for poker night.

If he's playing poker night, we wonder why you haven't asked him yet. "Cool" in your world means that she remembers the name of the Green Bay linebacker in front of you, she hits you at the bowling alley, and she loves to throw it in your face.

But you will never tell her that because you want to beat her the next time she meets you bowling.

3. She is honest.

It really is everything you were looking for. Someone real. Someone who won't play with you just to make you like them.

Someone who pretends they don't care if he likes what he thinks will say it anyway. If you ask him if he likes something, he will say: "You know what, I liked it more than you . “Because she is honest. If she doesn't like it, she's confident enough to be open with you.

And when she does, she does. You never have to guess what game she's playing because she doesn't.

4. You feel chemistry for her even when she's not there.

Chemistry isn't the kind of thing to fake or read in a book to try to improve.

If the idea of ​​her gets you going, even if she doesn't look stunning in front of you, then we can't help but ask ourselves, "Why are you waiting to confirm her as unique?"

5. You have no idea about your exes.

Women who want to be friends understand the power of keeping the secret alive. She knows that it is not proper for a lady to discuss this with you until you have enough in her life for this to be relevant information.

If you just heard about her ex drama, she doesn't like you that much. She likes you to stay in her. If you don't even know if she's ever had an ex of hers, if you're realistic, secretly hoping there's no proof, then she's holding back for a reason.

The reason is that she is interested in you and she is sensitive enough to understand that this is the last thing you want to hear. Really.

6. She is different.

The idea of ​​dating her doesn't feel like an obligation like many other girls do because she is different. You can't point to it, but you know it is.

If you were to make a list of reasons you would need lots of sheets of paper, but you still can't point them out. If the girl in question got to this place in your head, then it may not be just bridal material, she could one day receive a ring from you.

But first things first. Seal this deal and give him time to make it happen, honey.

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