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Divorce Affair

Youtube "Loyalty couple's test" under critical analysis after this was discovered | OPINION.

The YouTube loyalty test is basically a couple's game that will eventually end the relationship if one of the partners is cheating. What literally happens is that, any couple, is stopped and asked for permission to play the game. They are then required to test each other's loyalty by exchanging their cellphones for 60 seconds = 1 minute or more. In this 60 seconds, the other party can check absolutely anything they want to check.

From whatsapp, to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, messages, call logs, emails and snapchat. It is even more effective on applications such as whatsapp since they have a search engine, making what the other party needs to known easily reachable. For example : You can get into the whatsapp and search "I love you" or "I miss you" , and automatically, all conversations will appear.

There are many content creators in South Africa who do this, therefore their precise identities will not be disclosed. At first, this loyalty test is taken as a game, in fact, the videos can be very hilarious because people just cheat. They often would say their cheating partners are their friends, cousins, sisters, brothers, aunts or even worse the "sidechick's name" is denoted as "mom" on their cellphone.

For most of the time, many couples would prefer to end it on the spot (in front of the camera) or forgive each other on the spot. But, some couples become very violent and hostile towards each other on the spot. As much as you may get help in discovering that you are being cheated on, what happens in cases wherby your cheating partner is violence, abusive and perpetuates GBV via you.

Right after these camera man leaves, you will be physically and emotionally abused for being cheated on and not being the cheater. A similar trend in South African societies. Flipping sides, being cheated on is also not good, as one can contract diseases such as STIs.

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