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The unread letter of our bloody valentine. Addressing gender based violence.

First of all l am really sorry about the way l spoke to you when l last communicated with you.

I have been really miserable and my brother tried to reach out to you , please don't be alarmed.

I have never lied to you though or dissapoint you on purpose l hope you can understand that.

I know that you may not know me that well and I'm a guy jumping into your life to add another broken piece in your life . A day can't pass without me thinking why is this woman trying to escape from me loving her . I know that love is a word that can't be trusted but you don't know what kind of love I'm trying to give you . Please give me a chance.

Our son is going to be a man of integrity like his father. He is going to be a prominent man in society. A man many admire. A responsible tool in society. A man who never lays his hands on his woman. A man who knows that a woman is a queen. A man who respects and loves his mother. A man who understands that God is life . A good man. 

Our daughter , well where should l start? She is amazing. She is a flower. A beautiful rose . She has the step of an elephant, the voice of an ocean and on her head a crown. She is the pillar of society. She makes me so proud.

Love is beautiful let's cherish it. Life is a journey , let's walk together. Time is of essence let's make hay while the sun shines . Let's sing with the birds , let's dance with the wolves and breathe. You and l together. Family first . Now take my hand and together let's walk side by side and let our love blossom.

I apologised for raising my voice at you , for laying my hands on you. Anger got the best of me and l was too weak , could not control myself. I promise not to take you down that road again!

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