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No matter how much you love a man, there are three things you should never give him. OPINION

One of the most wonderful and beneficial things a woman can do for herself is to see someone.

In any event, do you consider yourself a saint's follower? I strongly suggest you to read through this message to see if there is anything that can trigger a reaction in you.

In light of this, I'm going to make him a few of requests that guys frequently make in an unsatisfactory relationship. I strongly advise you to leave a man who asks for any of these things before he destroys your life.

I don't believe a man who truly loves you should ask for any of these things.

1. Physical intimacy is one of the most intriguing and crucial reasons why a few men are interested in you. A small group of males are following you around solely to taste you before leaving. I don't see why a man who truly appreciates you would be interested in having an affair with you. Sex is expected in married couples, thus he should wait until you are formally married. Simply walk away if a man approaches you for physical connection.

2. Money: If a man begs you for money on a regular basis, please ignore him. Men aren't known for taking out loans. Women are the ones who approach a man and ask for money. Men should like giving their girlfriends money.

3. Security: You must feel safe in your own skin as a woman. As a result, if he requests or assaults your security, you should leave him because he doesn't trust you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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