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Wedding planning scene

Watch: Bride using a TBL to go to her wedding has caused a stir on social media.

A bride using a TBL to go to her wedding has caused a stir on social media, she even decorated nicely with white cloths and two children are sitting right next to her. Usually people use cars and a lot of them but this situation is different and a lot of people are asking who would want to get married like that, it seems like these people have a lot of money and they chose to be unique. People with money tend to do the most hilarious stuff, they just do whatever they feel like doing.

Some people are not even thinking that play with these people probably want to be unique that’s why they are doing this, cause they are the first to be seen doing this. Other people are not even saying this wedding will end in tears when the husband pulls out here with the table just like in the picture below, after the businessman use the table to destroy a house that he had built for his slay queen now a lot of people are always using it to do a lot of stuff.

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Bride TBL


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