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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor asked every woman to lay hands on their husbands against side chicks: Opinion

I have come across this video where, it looks like it was a couple's meeting. As I can see it's men and women there, and every man is sitting next to a woman, and every woman is seated next to a husband. I can just assume that they are husbands and wives, and this looks like it was a couples meeting, where the pastor had asked women to pray for their husbands.

As I can see that men are kneeling down while women are standing on their feet laying their hands on them, praying. So I don't know if it is the truth of it, that they are praying against side chicks, but what I know is that they are praying for their husbands. So the poster says they are playing against side chicks, it could be true that they are praying that they are praying for husbands become faithful to them.

It is true that they may be praying over the issue over fidelity and intimacy in their marriages. It's just that marriage is a whole lot of things, it is not just about cheating, lack of intimacy, lack of money, but it includes a whole lot of things. It is just that, fidelity plays a major role where two people are engaged in a holy matrimony or where two people are in a marital covenant, and these things they take the grace of God for one to find a woman to find a man that is trustworthy.

or that is faithful to him or her our world has gone out of control the nature of relationships that are older people used to have it during their time it is a vanishing each day there are a lot of marital arrangements that our young people are getting engaged into some our normal.

I don't know whether this is going to help or it is going to Cast away the spirit of cheating over these man. I don't believe that when it comes to these things, there is any level of prayer, therapy session or psychological session that can be able to help with such issues. People should just be told to do what is right, follow the biblical principles and then these things can be better.

The Bible says, "women submit to your husbands, husbands love your wives, that is the formula, women to become submissive and husbands to love their wives.

Each and every one of them do their duty, there will be no issues with the cheating, with infidelity. These things they are caused because people are trying to leave a Godly view on marital issues and implement their own physical ways.

We just need to go back to what the Bible says, it's a matter of doing not praying. Prayer is important, but also doing what the Bible says is very vital.

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