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A guy becomes a laughing stock after accepting LOBOLA from his Sugar Mama. See Reaction.

Traditionally the purpose of lobola is to build relations between two respective families, as marriage is seen to be more than just a union between two individuals. The relationship is seen as life-long and in some cases, even after the death of the groom, the braid will continue to be part of the groom's family's sides.

Image of Gugu

A Twitter user who goes by the name Sisi Gugu Ndabezitha takes it to her account asking a guy by the Ayo Akinkugbe if he wants a sugar mama, this question left many laughing and asking themselves where does this lady get the courage to ask a guy for a date. "Doesn't user Ayo_Akinkugbe want a sugar mama?" she captioned.

Image of Ayo

Ayo received the request and he didn't hesitate to think about it he immediately accepted, " Yes I do the cooking. Yes I do the cleaning" he replied to Gugu's post with a picture wearing a Lobola attire, dressed like makoti (The Braid) many saw the post and couldn't help themselves but to laugh at this guy. They shared their comments @Miss_Fine_Wine " A submissive King, love to see it." @edge_Karma_ " You're definitely in your bag King"

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