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MaNgwabe was right, Mthombeni is the main problem #Uthandonesthembu.

The wives are back from the vacation, polygamy is so much work he's going house to house. One thing about Mseleku, according to him , he is never wrong. No amount of money can make unity in women that share a man.

It's so obvious that MaCele is Musa 's 1st love, The chemistry is just different there. MaCele is mamkhulu everything starts with her. Mseleku did indeed give MaCele a list of problems for this trip, as MaYeni claimed. And you all went after her. She must be extremely familiar with them. 

It’s clear there was never a true love between Musa and Mangwabe, they were forcing things nje and kids happened. The kids have to travel in the same car, to promote unity. But, kids don't have to live in the same yard to promote unity. MaNgwabe must just say "Mawande feels like I don't love her because we don't live in the suburbs, while MaMkhulu's kids live in the suburbs.”

Last week seemed like Magwabe was giving people a hard time she has a valid reason why she doesn't want her kids to go with Makhumalo's father. Her children were mistreated and anyone would be mad.

MaKhumalo deserves this soft life but without the husband I feel like this marriage is holding her back. She's so relevant and I don't get rural wife vibes from her. On the past episode the wives agreed that Mseleku also contributes to the wives not being United, now all of a sudden Makhumalo is denying all of that.

Mseluku can't be taking what he heard from the one wife and tell it to the other wife, if the one is being mischievous, deal with her as the head of the house. There is absolutely no need to tell the others on what the mischievous one is doing.

There will never be unity. Unity does not exist without trust. How will these ladies trust each other. Mbali confided in the wives and MaCele told Musa. This is the same thing MaYeni said last week. You tell someone something and you hear it somewhere else.


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