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Woman made fun of after asking R5000 from her boyfriend. See their conversation

Women has always been seen and known for loving money in relationships and everywhere they can get it. A trending statement once said "if monkeys had money, women wouldn't mind dating them" and they may be saying the truth as women has been seen falling in love with older men for money, with married men for money, with totally ugly guys for money and sadly, with paralyzed men spending money for road accident fund.

Men at the same time has been know for being stingy. It's not only half of them but maybe 85% of them as they even created a non-existent campaign called "Stingy Men Association" where they saw it as an association to unite all together and discuss strategies of not giving women money no matter what. It has existed in their eyes exactly like "Men's Conference" which was also one of their campaign and association to discuss serious issues associated with men and being stingy has always been one of their priorities.

So this lady on Instagram posted a screenshot of the replies she got from her boyfriend when she asked for money. She texted him on WhatsApp with a "Hey babe" and he replied "Wat's up", she then asked if he got the SMS she sent him yesterday and her boyfriend replied "the one you asking for 5000 right?" And she proudly said "Yes boo" and then the guy replied with a "I didn't read it yet".

People were amazed as they laughed at the girl and men, particularly the members of their "Stingy Men Association" couldn't help but laugh proudly and said one of theirs is representing them in not giving women money and that their associations together with the "Men's Conference" were working wonders and men has adopted a good lifestyle.

Below is their conversation.

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