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After sleeping with a guy look what he said to her that left her heartbroken and never forget it

men and women can be cruel sometimes. That's why they say it's wise not to go around sleeping with any men or women you come across that's why they say it's important to wait for marriage, or wait until you are sure that the person is serious about you to sleep with them because there is no men or women who say they love you who humiliate you or hurt your feelings with words.

Some men don't forgive that easily, and before doing anything to them you better think twice because they won't think twice before hurting you emotionally just to boost their ego. One thing you have to know is that if a man forgives you they have an agenda it's not that easy for a man to forgive.

And this screenshot below proves that men don't just forgive that easily. A screenshot of a lady who shared what a man said to her after she decided to sleep with a man even after he caught her cheating on him was shared on social media please read below?

There's nothing painful like payback time, she thought by doing what she did she was going to fix things but little did she know that this guy is having evil thoughts in his mind, he was probably hurt by what she did to him and in his mind, he was like no problem but I will give her the piece of her medicine.

The sooner girls/ women know that sleeping won't make someone love you or forgive you for cheating on them the better, men can be heartless so before doing something that will hurt them you should think twice because if they decided to do the same thing to you it will hurt you even more.

Don't sleep with a man because your feeling sorry for them, that's your body men won't even think twice before even cheating on you, and try to sleep with you to make things right. Instead, they might even go with another girl just to prove a point that he's a man.

Therefore ladies respect yourselves, if you are no longer interested leave then cheat because it won't be nice when it's done to you.

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